Kids and sailing

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Sailing can be a great family adventure! Despite the many concerns of parents, boredom and safety being chief among them, sailing can provided cherished memories to families. Children from 5-75 …ok a few older children too, can enjoy a sailing adventure that gives them a new perspective and new skills.

Safety and well-being of kids while sailing.

Parents are surprised that the one thing that they don’t hear from their kids during their time afloat is “I’m bored”. There are too many fun activities possible during a sailing day! Swimming and snorkelling are regular activities of the day. It is amazing how often a kid or group of kids can simply jump off an anchored boat into the water, climb the ladder back on board, only to repeat the whole exercise. And rowing the dinghy back and forth to a deserted beach, well, parents can get worn out just watching.

As for safety, young sailors will wear life jackets when sailing. If needed, all those on board can wear life jackets when sailing to help kids feel better. This is something the parents and I will work out before we go sailing. The boat can be equipped with nets surrounding the deck attached to the lifelines. If you have young children I recommend these nets to help you feel more confidence. This allows kids to run around the boat at anchor without fear of falling into the water. The cockpit is big enough and secure enough to allow a parent to feel confident about their children’s well being underway.

Gaining confidence.

Most children, of whatever age, want to get involved while on board. Learning to set the sails, taking the helm, pulling up the anchor or “driving” boat under motor or even learning how to sail the boat will build confidence. Kids of any age can do all these things and with your approval I will show your children to safely get involved to their level of ability. Even the youngest quickly learn to be a useful member of the crew. Imagine your child’s pride when he tells his classmate about sailing the boat from one anchorage to another. And with “picture” to prove it!

If you would like to purchase a fishing permit for your trip we can get the fishing lines out during our sails and we can try to catch lunch or supper. In the anchorage at dusk we can try squid jigging rigs for night-time adventures. Fresh stuffed squid grilled in the oven is wonderful.

For the older or more active there are plenty of opportunities for hiking, hiring bikes or kayaks to explore a new Island on foot. Scuba diving, water-skiing or windsurfing can be included in the itinerary if requested.

Those older kids looking for a little nightlife will find plenty and you can arrange for us to be in places that provide some nightlife… or not! Also if you want an evening out babysitting can be arranged.

Parents and to some degree all sailors need to be aware of the special environment on the sea . The weather will be hot the breeze blowing, so active kids need sunburn and heat stroke protection. Sun screen, hats and limited exposure to the sun combined with drinking sufficient water are sensible preventative measures. There is plenty of shade on board and unlimited drinking water.

We have children’s life jackets available in most sizes and the yacht has many safety feature designed for sailing with smaller crew members. Including: Wide decks and lifelines, enclosed cockpit area with gate to swim deck, safe seating in the cockpit.

Food in Croatia: The number of children who start the week saying they don’t like fish and end the week ordering squid , mussels and the local Brodetia is astonishing,  there is always a Pizza or pasta option but younger children usually enjoy the BBQ meats and fish. Croatian restaurants welcome children and are normally happy to serve a child’s portion or allow children to share a full-sized dish. Ice cream and pancakes remain a favourite for desert.