Sailing with children

57 familypicture with boatFor families with children.

Gudrun (my wonderful spouse) and I sailed with or twin daughters from the time they came home from the hospital. We also took a sailing trip from Annapolis, Maryland to the Bahamas and back. This cruise was more than 3000km! We celebrated the girls 4th birthday during this cruise and the trip was truly one of the most incredible times we have enjoyed.

Click to read a newspaper article about our trip. THE SHIPPING NEWS

We have netting available for the lifelines that encloses the deck of the boat. With the netting and a life jacket younger children will be safe while sailing. Older children who are good swimmers can forgo wearing life jackets at their parents discretion. If children have an issue with wearing a life jacket underway then the captain will call for all aboard to wear lifejackets.

So if you have young children and would like to go sailing, contact me and we can work together to make you comfortable sailing with your children.

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