Families and Friends



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Bend your viewpoint~

Are you looking for a fun filled learning vacation. Are you interested in learning to sail or expanding your sailing knowledge? Would you like your whole family to experience sailing while expanding their knowledge and self-awareness?


Would you like to see your kids gain self confidence by learning to steer and sail a sailboat capable of crossing oceans? A young adult from 12 years and older can learn (in a short time) how to safely sail and handle a larger boat in all conditions and maneuver in close quarters. Younger learners will need more supervision. If your family spends a week with me sailing you will probably be surprised and proud of what your youngsters can accomplish.

Do you have a spouse, partner, friend or family member who has some doubts or fears of the water or sailing or think they would get “Seasick”? I have helped many people overcome their sailing angst and learn to deal and possibly eliminate their problems with motion-sickness.

Do you and your friends love working and playing together in a sporting environment? Get together and come sailing. Learn something and have a great time.

Let me share my passion for sailing with you and your crew. For over 25 years I have been sharing my seamanship knowledge with young, and not quite so young, beginner and experienced sailors. When I am sailing I can’t help but feel the passion and I want to share this feeling with others.

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