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 For the past 3 years I have been working with Janik Eggler Training http://www.jetraining.de/ in successfully developing and sailing the “Leadership Inspired by Seamanship” program for Youth and Corporate clients. I have been sailing for almost 50 years on various boats and waters having grown up on the Great Lakes, spent 5 seasons as crew/helmsman on race boats, 3 seasons as a professional skipper sailing Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay/North Channel, charters and deliveries during the off seasons on the East Coast, Bermuda and Bahamas/Caribbean. Since then I have owned multiple boats and sailed many miles in the Great Lakes, Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean and Adaman seas both for recreation and as a professional. I am doing deliveries for a charter delivering new Lagoon catamarans from Les Sable d’Olonne on the Atlantic coast of France to Sukosan in Croatia. In the past I have delivered various new Privilege catamarans along the Eastern coast of the US an to the Caribbean, delivered yachts from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, and from Bermuda to the East Coast after the Annapolis To Bermuda Race. Earned my USCG Unlimited Master with Sail endorsement (non-current) in 1985 and a Croatian 100 ton Yacht Master in 2013 and the RYA Offshore YM. In 2016 delivered a Beneteau 42 from Gibraltar to Martinique. In the last 4 years I have been on the water sailing for more than 500 days. In 1990 I stopped being a full time sailor (what love will do) and became an IT Consultant for large international corporations working as a program “Trouble-shooter” working directly for various executives and partners but continued sailing professionally whenever I had the time. We owned a 35′ sailboat in the Chesapeake Bay and sailed the east coast from the Chesapeake to the Bahamas multiple times and I made deliveries on the east coast and the return trip from Bermuda 3 times. Then we had twin daughters so our life changed. In 2002 we took our last trip from the Chesapeake to the Bahamas with the kids, twin three year olds on a boat is hard work but very rewarding, then sold our house and boat and moved to a small town in Southern Germany. I became a “stay-at-home” dad working part time as an IT consultant. Being a stay at home Dad was a rewarding but at times difficult job. The girls are now almost 18 and are very independent and both want to be professional Skippers and have spent time sailing on Brigantines in the Great Lakes.

Always in the “Instructor” mode! Explaining the use of the Chart Plotter.

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  1. Chris Howell · March 5, 2016

    Hi Bob! I recently came across a comment you posted on an article concerning the Cheeki Rafiki keel-loss tragedy on the Attainable Adventure Cruising (Morgans Cloud), website. It jumped out at me because I’ve been planning for nearly a year now to travel to the Mediterranean (most likely Croatia), to buy a boat. I’m focused on something along the lines of an off-charter Bavaria 44 through 50, to outfit and sail the Northern Med and eventually the classic trade route back to the U.S.

    Would like to get in contact with you about any pointers regarding a few aspects of this venture, like sellers to avoid (Bach, Selymar, Almissani…), maybe recommend a good honest and independent surveyor, etc.

    Then, seeing your bio here was quite interesting as I’m an IT Consultant in Washington, D.C. I’m 55 now, but in high school my father bought a Catalina 30 that we sailed out of Sodus Bay, NY on Lake Ontario. Ten years ago my wife and I bought a ’83 Catalina 30 that we’ve been sailing the Annapolis area with. But it’s for sale, and our house on 16th St will be soon too. We’re cashing out and relocating to South Carolina to help my aging parents, and I plan to rebuild my IT business there. I often sail a friends Jeanneau 42 and am about to be financially ready for a boat at least that size. No plans for much passage-making except for up and down the East coast once the boat has come across.

    Anyway, would appreciate any thoughts or ideas you might have. My email address is howelltech@verizon.net

    Chris Howell

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