What value is there in learning Seamanship


Life. We seem to be in a constant battle with ourselves to go faster. Some (most) of us have succumbed to the “MAD” doctrine, not the “Mutually Assured Destruction” doctrine of Cold War jargon, but the “Must-have Attached Devices” of cell phones, digital cameras, embedded Gps devices, the list goes on. When we go for a trip we set the Navi to take us, when we venture into nature we bring our cell phone so that we can document and immediately share our “getting away!”, some even record their television shows so that after a long day they can watch what they missed. Given the content of 99% of programming available I am pretty sure that “missed” is certainly not what would happen without recording.

There is a better way.

One of the fascinating aspects of learning seamanship is the reliance on non-technical solutions to challenges. The fact is that proper seamanship means using your brains and knowledge to answer whatever nature and the sea presents. At it’s best seamanship allows one to survive and thrive in environments that are not inherently safe for us frail humans. It teaches us more about ourselves and what we can accomplish. Also, working together with crewmembers allows us to enhance our understanding and appreciation of others.

The term “seamanship” means many things to many people. Developing your concept can and will take a lifetime but it is a lifetime well spent.